Health food lineup

β glucosamine CA

Health foodβ glucosamine CA

7,000 yen (including tax:7,560)

Contains three boxes 18,500 yen (including tax:19,980)

Contains fermented glucosamine and milk calcium, chondroitin and β-cryptoxanthin. A health support supplement for easy movement.


Health foodAgaricus

100g × 30packages
38,000 yen (including tax:41,040)

High-quality Agaricus from Sylvan of the U.S. is carefully extracted using natural water from the Kita-Alps. This item comes in a retort pack to maintain freshness.


Health foodMyojinsen

15,000 yen (including tax:16,200)

A health food item that combines fermented Koujin and Sanjin. It also contains caterpillar fungus, Rhodiola cretinii, and Saussurea involucrate essences to support the wellness and aging of your mind and body.

Propolis Gold

Health foodPropolis Gold

7,300 yen (including tax:7,884)

Contains 3 boxes 19,500 yen (including tax:21,060)

Contains high-quality Brazilian propolis and resveratrol, a component from the new buds of grapes from the Bordeaux region of France.

Royal Jelly 1000

Health foodRoyal Jelly 1000

8,800 yen (including tax:9,504)

Contains 3 boxes 22,500 yen (including tax:24,300)

Contains 1,000 mg of royal jelly in one tablet. Also contains Pycnogenol and propolis extract.


Health foodSpirulina

5,000 yen (including tax:5,400)

Contains 3 boxes 13,500 yen (including tax:14,580)

Contains spirulina with an ideal balance of nutrients, lactoferrin that can be found in breast milk, and collagen.


Health foodCalcium

5,000 yen (including tax:5,400)

Contains 3 boxes 13,500 yen (including tax:14,580)

Supplies minerals that we tend to lack in a snack. A chewable supplement with a fruit flavor.

Super DHA & Blueberries

Health foodSuper DHA & Blueberries

6,000 yen (including tax:6,480)

Three boxes 17,000 yen (including tax:18,360)

Contains DHA extracted from fish, blueberry extract from Northern Europe, and marigold, which contains lutein.

Onion Power

Health foodOnion Power

Eight tablets × 30packages
5,400 yen (including tax:5,832)

Contains three boxes 14,700 yen (including tax:15,876)

Uses the outer skin, which is rich in quercetin (polyphenol), and the entire onion. Added lots of Ashitaba culcon, a popular natural ingredient.

Super glucosamine

Health foodSuper glucosamine

6,000 yen (including tax:6,480)

Contains three boxes 16,500 yen (including tax:17,820)

Contains 1,500 mg of glucosamine and 100 mg of chondroitin (8 tablets, recommended daily dose) for a lively and healthy daily life.