Face wash

MensFace wash

2,500 yen (including tax:2,700)

A rich mousse-like foam with elasticity that thoroughly removes oil and dirt while gently cleansing the skin.

Face Treatment I

MensFace Treatment I

3,000 yen (including tax:3,240)

This lotion is swiftly absorbed and has oily skin feeling fresh while also adding moisture.

Face Treatment II

MensFace Treatment II

3,000 yen (including tax:3,240)

An easy to use, thick formula that is not sticky or greasy and will keep your face moist.

Medicated scalp shampoo

MensMedicated scalp shampoo

(Quasi-drug) 400mL
2,500 yen (including tax:2,700)

For the scalp environment of men with lots of oil excretion. Has hair feeling fresh while adding moisture and making your scalp healthier.

Scalp tonic

MensScalp tonic

3,000 yen (including tax:3,240)

A scalp relief design that soothes and refreshes your scalp. The combined effects of the components to improve the scalp environment and the massage have your scalp feeling refreshed.