Cleansing (wipe-off)SENSYOU

(Quasi-drug) 80g
8,000 yen (including tax:8,640)

This item changes to oil on your skin and quickly blends into your makeup. It also swiftly removes dirt and reduces the stickiness after being wiped off.


Face washKUNMOKU

(Quasi-drug) 110g
8,000 yen (including tax:8,640)

The rich and fine foam thoroughly removes dirt while leaving moisturizing components necessary for your skin. After face washing, it leaves your skin moist and soft.


Massage (wipe-off)JUKOU

(Quasi-drug) 80g
10,000 yen (including tax:10,800)

This item has a heavy texture that adheres to your skin to provide a soft massage. For supple and soft skin.


Skin Lotion (Wipe-off)HOUSEN

(Quasi-drug) 150mL
8,000 yen (including tax:8,640)

This wipe-off skin lotion with mild acidity gently removes dead skin and extra oil leaving your skin moist and clear.


Skin LotionKEIU

(Quasi-drug) 110mL
10,000 yen (including tax:10,800)

This lotion deeply penetrates the skin and is quickly absorbed in your dead skin layer. It maintains moist, supple skin that is soft and youthful.


Beauty essenceSAIKA

(Quasi-drug) 30mL
10,000 yen (including tax:10,800)

Approaches all of the dead skin layer, and maintains moisture. Can be used comfortably regardless of season, and you can feel the suppleness and elasticity of your skin.


Skin milkROGA

(Quasi-drug) 80mL
10,000 yen (including tax:10,800)

A medicinal skin milk that adjusts the moisture balance to create supple skin. The skin milk has a richness, but is light and easy to apply.



(Quasi-drug) 33g
15,000 yen (including tax:16,200)

Wraps your skin in a comfortable veil of moisture to support the regeneration of the skin while you sleep. For supple and elastic skin the following morning.


Face Mask (Sheet type)YAKUYOU SEKIJUN

(Quasi-drug) 8packages
12,000 yen (including tax:12,960)

Thick 100% cotton sheets soaked with beauty components. Quickly tones your skin and increases suppleness, shine, and elasticity.