How products are created

 R&D and production processes that maintain high product quality
  • 1. Deciding product concepts

    Within the company, employees are often heard to say, “I wish there was this kind of product” or “I’d like to create this kind of product.” From these suggestions, first of all our R&D Department identifies concepts, searches for ingredients and balanced ingredient combinations, and proceeds with development.

  • 2. Simultaneous R&D of ingredients

    At the same time as our R&D Department is developing products, the Basic Research Division is researching and developing product ingredients based on concepts.

  • 3. Production of first samples

    Working together, the R&D Department and Basic Research Division consider ingredients and combination balances over and over again, conducting numerous experiments before submitting first samples that have been determined to match the concept. Following evaluations such as impressions of the product from use, further experiments are conducted repeatedly with the aim of creating uncompromising products.

  • 4. After passing strict tests, finally on to production

    Completed prototype products undergo strict testing to ensure their safety, stability and effectiveness, as well as to determine whether they can actually be reproduced on the factory’s production line. Only those products that can be completely reproduced are passed on to the Production Department, and production finally begins.

Production process
  • 5. Testing/measuring/weighing ingredients and creating ingredients

    In order to ensure the efficiency and safety of product ingredients, further strict testing is carried out. Ingredients that pass these tests are measured/weighed in accordance with the sample recipe. At OPPEN COSMETICS, we create our own ingredients in addition to procuring ingredients from manufacturers in order to achieve unparalleled effectiveness. For this reason, just producing the ingredients can take several days for some products.

  • 6. Careful preparation in tanks

    In accordance with the recipe, ingredients are combined and prepared in emulsification tanks or distilled water tanks. Not only for basic cosmetics, but also for foundation and other make-up products, ingredients are combined faithfully in accordance with the recipe in each respective production /> The equipment for producing the powder used in liquid and powder foundations is especially large, and its operation and maintenance is also difficult. While many other manufacturers do not own their own equipment and outsource production, OPPEN COSMETICS also undertakes integrated production of powder in order to ensure thorough product quality maintenance and improvement.

  • 7. Thorough bulk testing

    The completed bulk product content undergoes strict quality testing, with only those products that pass being sent on to the next stage of production. Testing is carried out thoroughly using both a database provided by machinery as well as the human senses.

  • 8. Inserting bulk product content into containers

    Bulk product content that passes the quality inspection is inserted into the product containers. For example, to ensure that a cream foundation has a smooth, even surface, technicians pour the foundation carefully into each container. For lipstick colors, too, the bulk product content is inserted into molds by hand and then removed once they have hardened. All products requiring delicacy and meticulous care are inserted into their containers using the skill of artisans. Furthermore, after the ingredients for health food products have been delivered to the Shiga Factory from the ingredient manufacturers, they are all inspected carefully at the factory before being inserted into their containers.

  • 9. Checking and packaging with human hands and eyes

    Once filled with bulk product content, product containers are labeled and carefully hand packaged in boxes that are also assembled by hand.

Product quality assurance
  • 10. Product inspection, then delivery to customers

    Inspectors carry out meticulous checks to ensure that each product is packaged correctly, and that there are no defects in the product containers or boxes. Thus only those products that have undergone and passed this frequent testing are delivered from the distribution warehouse into the hands of our customers.