Face washWhitening Wash EX

(Quasi-drug) 70 g (color-free)
4,000 yen (including tax:4,320)

Fine and bouncy foams gently wash off the excess sebum and dirt, dead skin cells including melanin.

Skin LotionWhitening Lotion EX

(Quasi-drug) 150 mL (color-free)
6,000 yen (including tax:6,480)

Whitening and beauty ingredients quickly penetrate in the skin and prevent it from producing dark spots and freckles. It reveals the skin supple with long-lasting moisture retention.

Beauty essenceWhitening Essence EX

(Quasi-drug) 30 mL (color-free)
10,000 yen (including tax:10,800)

Whitening serum, which combines beauty ingredients in high ratio, leaves your skin fresh and protects it from UV rays. It reveals ultimately transparent skin.

Concentrated beauty essenceWhitening Spots EX

(Quasi-drug) 15g (color-free)
8,000 yen (including tax:8,640)

Successfully combines whitening supportive ingredients in high ratio. Targets particularly the concerned areas and leads to evenly transparent skin.

EmollientWhitening Cream EX

(Quasi-drug) 35 g (color-free)
10,000 yen (including tax:10,800)

Combines oil-based ingredients. Helps enhance elasticity and transparency with fresh yet rich texture, while caring the skin after damaged by UV rays.

Face Mask (Sheet type)Whitening Mask EX

(Quasi-drug) 8 sheets (color-free)
7,000 yen (including tax:7,560)

Quickly absorbs into skin thanks to the boosting ingredients and helps improve the damage by UV rays. Delivers long-lasting moisturizing effect to the skin.

Pack (Rinse-off)Whitening Clay Mask EX

(Quasi-drug) 6g × 10masks
7,500 yen (including tax:8,100)

Natural clay with plenty of minerals adsorbs to the excess sebum and dirt. Time-release Vitamin C derivatives lead your skin to whiteness.