English Lavender Soap

BodycareEnglish Lavender Soap

100g × 3soaps
1,600 yen (including tax:1,728)

A pure plant-based soap with creamy and fine lather. The foam can be easily rinsed off and leaves your bare skin moist and smooth.

Body Shampoo

BodycareBody Shampoo

2,000 yen (including tax:2,160)

A plant-based soap base that is gentle to the skin with herb extracts that have an advanced beauty effect. Leaves the skin moist.

Body Milk Lotion

BodycareBody Milk Lotion

2,000 yen (including tax:2,160)

Prevents dryness after baths and showers, and makes the skin moist and smooth. Also has a firming effect on the skin to help create your ideal body.

Body Powder

BodycareBody Powder

4,000 yen (including tax:4,320)

High-quality powder with many components with skin care effects absorbs oil and sweat and leaves the skin dry and smooth. A pressed type that prevents powder from scattering.

Bast Essence

BodycareBash Essence

3,000 yen (including tax:3,240)

Changes to a milky white color when added to hot water. The psychological effects of the color and fragrance bring peace to your mind and body. Herb extracts have your skin feeling smooth.

Tuekish Rose Soap

BodycareTurkish Rose Soap

100g × 3soaps
2,000 yen (including tax:2,160)

Contains luxurious amounts of Turkish Damask rose, which are said to be the most fragrant of all roses. A mild and gentle pure plant-based soap.

English Lavender Soap Set

BodycareEnglish Lavender Soap Set

100g × 6soaps
3,000 yen (including tax:3,240)

Body Milk Lotion & Soap set

BodycareBody Milk Lotion & Soap set

Body Milk Lotion 200mL x 1 / English Lavender Soap 100g x 1
2,500 yen (including tax:2,700)