Others lineup

Miracle Coach Cream A

48g (Color-free)
4,850 yen (including tax:5,238)

Moisturizes the skin and keeps it smooth and healthy. For people who are concerned with skin issues due to dryness.

Medicated PREGEN Lotion

(Quasi-drug) 110mL (Fragrance-free, color-free)
4,500 yen (including tax:4,860)

For delicate skin. This medicated, mild acidity skin lotion keeps your skin healthy.

Skin CreamL Medicated Skin Cream

(Quasi-drug) 18g (Fragrance-free)
2,420 yen (including tax:2,613)

A medicated skin cream that prevents skin problems from dryness such as chilblains, cracked skin, and chapped skin. Can be used by people of any age.

Hand CreamMESAI

(Quasi-drug) 60g (Color-free)
1,450 yen (including tax:1,566)

Prevents dry hands by coating the hands with a moisture veil. Is not sticky and the fragrance will not transfer, so you can use it before and after washing dishes.

FragranceHall of Beauty 2014

30,000 yen (including tax:32,400)

A luxurious fragrance made using Damask roses picked in the early morning once a year from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. Enjoy the spectacular, aromatic scent of roses.

FragranceHall of Beauty Eau de Toilette

5,800 yen (including tax:6,264)

Contains natural rose essence. The light veil of fragrance will enhance any casual style.

BodycareCELUOOT Body Cream

250g (Color-free)
5,000 yen (including tax:5,400)

This item contains the attention-getting component glaucine and various other tightening components. The massage effect helps to design a beautiful bodyline.

HaircareYakuyo Tsuten

(Quasi-drug) 150mL
6,000 yen (including tax:6,480)

Contains components for new hair growth, hair restoration, and hair nourishing. The moisturizing components keep your scalp moist. Has an elegant citrus floral fragrance.


(Quasi-drug) two colors, solution 1 (50g) / solution 2 (50g)
2,000 yen (including tax:2,160)

This hair color does not have a strong odor, and has a mild floral herb fragrance. Hair can be beautifully colored in a short period of time, and all of the product does not need to be used at one time.