Health food lineup


Health foodBONNY BEAUTY Q10

7,000 yen (including tax:7,560)

Contains three boxes 19,500 yen (including tax:21,060)

Contains soybean extract (soybean saponin) and 90 mg of the well-known component coenzyme Q10 in 8 tablets, which is the daily recommended dose. Also contains vitamin E.

Vitamin C&B

Health foodVitamin C&B

4,000 yen (including tax:4,320)

Contains three boxes 11,000 yen (including tax:11,880)

In addition to vitamins C and B, this item contains a nice balance of biotin, kiwi seed essence, etc.

Densho Shin Kurozu Moromi (Black vinegar mash)

Health foodDensho Shin Kurozu Moromi (Black vinegar mash)

2,850 yen (including tax:3,078)

Contains three boxes 8,000 yen (including tax:8,640)

In addition to Kurozu Moromi, a natural concentrated essence created by naturally allowing vinegar to settle for more than six months, this item also contains fermented black garlic and sesame seed oil.

Koufukukan (Happy Liver)

Health foodKoufukukan (Happy Liver)

6,000 yen (including tax:6,480)

In addition to milk thistle and turmeric, this item contains the popular liver essence. This health food item battles the stress that comes from the diets of modern people such as overeating and drinking, and takes care of your body.



5,500 yen (including tax:5,940)

Contains rosehip essence, seaweed polyphenols, and salacia essence. This is a diet support supplement that prevents excessive accumulation.

Mainichi Aomikan (Everyday Green Mandarin Orange)

Health foodMainichi Aomikan (Everyday Green Mandarin Orange)

5,500 yen (including tax:5,940)

Contains lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria that reach your intestines intact. This is a health food item that adjusts your body from your intestines.

Aobana Green Juice

Health foodAobana Green Juice

60packages (powder)
5,500 yen (including tax:5,940)

Contains three boxes 15,000 yen (including tax:16,200)

In addition to Aobana, a special product of Shiga Prefecture, this item contains mulberry leaf and green barley rich in health components and grown using organic farming methods. This is an easy-to-drink green juice using specially selected ingredients.

Healthy Kohki Tea

Health foodHealthy Kohki Tea

3,000 yen (including tax:3,240)

A blend of the tea leaves of Kohki, a plant of the walnut family, pu-erh tea, and black tea, this is a beauty health tea that is sweet and easy to drink.

Healthy Kohki Tea 500

Health foodHealthy Kohki Tea 500

500mL × 24bottles
3,200 yen (including tax:3,456)

An easy-to-drink PET bottle of the Healthy Kohki Tea popular in a tea bag. You can enjoy the refined aroma of this tea without any hassle.*Please note that the package design may change.

Miracle Collagen

Health foodMiracle Collagen

50mL × 10bottles
4,500 yen (including tax:4,860)

Each bottle contains 18,000 mg of fish collagen and plenty of ingredients to support beautiful skin such as ornithine, starfruit leaf extract, etc.